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Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.

"We believe the passion and innovation by these startups will cheer up Japan and Change the world." オースティン帰国報告/SXSW 2012を終えて...


SXSW2012が完了しました。そしてSXSW2012に参戦した日本のスタートアップ達は既に次の2013に向けて始動しました。2011に参戦した頓智・としてできるだけ多くの起業家達に参画してもらいたいと昨秋にスタートアップした1000SAMURAIS to SXSW2012 Austin Texasですが、現実に200名を越す日本人がSXSWに参加し、数多くのパフォーマンスを展開しました。



Media lunch at Sixth Street






Reharsal of TechSummit Event at Austin

最後にTedchSummitでのスピーチ原稿を挙げておきます。各社の内容は実際には異なりますが、このようなショート・ピッチを常に用意して力強く確信を持ってプレゼン出来る準備が常に必要です。しかも相手や状況で柔軟に組み替えられる臨機応変も必要!そういった細かいTipsに限らず、世界水準でどういったアクションが求められるのか?のリアルな学びの機会として、実際の商品を携えて現地に出掛ける事。そこで情熱を持って語り合える事で学べる事柄は本当に無限大でした。SXSW 2013ではもっと凄い出来事をお互い仕掛けて行きましょう!2013は自ら大舞台に登れるレベルの仕事を世界規模で展開しましょう。


Hello everyone, I'm Takahito Iguchi from Tonchidot. 

Today, we'd like to introduce 8 hot startups from Japan. They all have cool apps to change your lifestyles at SXSW.

It has been one year from Japan's earthquake, Japanese call it 311. But Japan is recovering from the big shock, We believe the passion and innovation by these startups will cheer up Japan and Change the world.

What's fabulous is We are all HERE today. Actually being HERE and meeting people is very important!  We present short introduction of Japanese Entrepreneurs. First speaker is…

Compath.me lets you share your favorite places in photos. This can be your SXSW life's compass.

Crowsnest personalizes news and delivers it to you extremely fast. Get your SXSW news here from your iPhone.

CuriouCity lets you chat directly with the people around you based on location.

Picotube plays videos by VJs in a virtual space. You can find videos curated by other users, which makes youtube more fun than the normal site.

Billioneyes is like the movie truman show in real life using twitter. Maybe you can be the hero during SXSW. The limited special version this time will change the hero every 2 hours.

Beautecam checks your skin, recommending you skincare products socially. You can get the skin check lens at the trade show booth.

Pitapat lets you find your future boyfriend or girlfriend from your friend's friends on Facebook

Kayac is a unique company in Japan with many original fun apps.

The startups are also all exhibitors at the trade show. The booths are mainly in aisle #900, and we're going to serve Japanese green tea. So please visit us!! come to join us!! Thank you very much, ARIGATOU!!